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Childhood Art

Blanco summer art class was really a great experience. We went out to the lake and drew whatever we want using our oil pastel. This piece was one of the chosen work by… Continue reading

Blanco Family Museum

Looking for a plan this weekend? Try visiting Blanco Family Museum, click here for more details. I took an oil pastel summer class there one time, when I was a kid. They were… Continue reading

WOTL: Hate late

Organized Response for the Advancement of Society, Inc.

Mel Marcelo

Mel Marcelo’s Vector art of some famous people.

Nike: FuelBand

The new Nike Fuel Band is a great all-purpose watch. It has a feature that tracks your everyday activities and how much calorie you burn. The video is great but it doesn’t really… Continue reading

Circumcision is more fun to WATCH in the Philippines

Circumcision is more fun to WATCH in the philippines

Boy; “aguy aguy aguy…”
Tatang: “wag kaaaang malikot, baka pati itlog mo matuli ko”

Captain John Hornigold

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